Registered Dispensing Homeopathic Doctor

Here’s why I practice homeopathy

For me, it’s all about discovery. 

I love the look in their eyes when my patients discover that their body is not just showing symptoms, but actually expressing some feeling or sensation that they are experiencing; I love finding out what makes every patient tick, and what ticks them off; I love the process of discovering the exact remedy indicated for the situation… and of course, the final reward is seeing patients get better.

I really don’t mind when skeptics refer to homeopathy as pseudoscience.  Not everyone believes in God, and not everyone believes that homeopathy can be an effective treatment option – you must decide for yourself.  I happen to believe in both.  To me, homeopathy is a gift from God and a tool that I use to improve the health of my patients.

There are so many treatments, therapies, and interventions available these days. My family and I make use of a variety of them.  However, I choose to practice homeopathy only.